Anastasi 2019

April 25 - 30th | Thessaloniki, Greece


“Our current moment in history is marked by the reality of globalization. With an array of cultures and philosophies blending together like never before, the global church is faced with a new challenge to provide a global witness.” In response to this reality, Hellenic Ministries is planning a conference that reflects real union in this divided world, and they’ve invited us to be part of the work.

 Anastasi 2019 is a conference with the purpose of bringing followers of Jesus from East and West into a unique celebration of the resurrection, enabling meaningful relationships for a new season of transcultural service.

The celebration will involve:

  1. Drawing Eastern and Western believers together around the central tenets of our faith in Christ.
  2. Fostering relationships for more effective global Christian service.
  3. Distributing 350,000 Scriptures to the city of Thessaloniki as a joint expression of our faith.
  4. Making known personal Eastern narratives of the Christian faith.

The World Outspoken team was invited to do a workshop with conference attendees about “culture-making in a world of conflict.” Emanuel and Christian will be teaching on the importance of culture-making, providing resources to culture-makers, and preparing them for our new global context. In addition to the workshop, World Outspoken was asked to interview other conference speakers and leaders to provide small features of missions all around the world. To do this, we need your help.

The Need

Anastasi is a conference being planned and put together by Hellenic Ministries in conjunction with the ministries partnering to do workshops, speak, etc. Because of this, our team is asking your support to make our contribution to the conference possible.

We need to raise $3,600 for our flights, room & board, and our contribution to the conference (which will cover equipment, the purchase of Bibles, and overhead fees). Three of our team members will be going to the conference: Christian Perez, Jacquelin Perez, and Emanuel (Ricky) Padilla. Please consider contributing to help our team get to the conference. If you would like to give online, you can do so by following the link below. If you’d like to give by mail, please email for more details.

If you want to receive updates about our trip, sign up for our mailing list. You also have the option of collaborating with us on this trip by contributing a donation. Thank you for your support and commitment to World Outspoken.

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