Questions from the Pew is just that, a forum for discussion on the issues that are ruminating in the minds of church-goers, but that are often not raised from the pulpit. We’re here to address the intersection of our culture and the church. We see a prime importance in actively identifying the challenges that arise when a Christian steps into the real world, a place which abounds in diverse cultures, perspectives, and ideologies. Here, no inquiry is off limits. If God is willing to engage with every aspect of our humanity, certainly we, as Christians, should not be afraid to run that gambit either. It may be tough, reconciling a millennia’s old value system, within our 21s​t​ century culture, but here at Questions from the Pew, we believe in creativity within orthodoxy. Not only can we identify the questions that arise from our culture, but we can readily engage with them in both an intellectually and theologically honest manner. Too long has the Church shied away from grappling with tough questions and nuanced issues. No longer.

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Who are we

Reichert Zalameda and Lucas Manning co-host the “Questions from the Pew” podcast. Between the two of them, they have over 25 years of active engagement with local churches. They’ve served within both small and large church contexts, been a part of failed and successful church plants, led worship bands and creative teams, and worked at mobile site churches and established locations. Over that time, the duo has gleaned many honest questions from a diverse population of church-goers. They’ve seen a noticeable gap between the type of questions being asked, specifically as it relates to modern cultural challenges, and the type of answers many churches are willing to provide. Both were educated at the Moody Bible Institute, where they met in 2012. They have backgrounds in biblical and congregational studies, and seek to create a space for honest inquiry and discussion on topics relevant to the modern church-goer.