The Feature is an interview-style podcast where we share stories of inspiring culture-makers that are creating beauty and promoting justice. Culture-makers are people who make and give shape to community life. Some makers focus on the arts and make memorials or monuments that help the public remember important events in their history. Some opt to shape their communities through education, hoping to instill ideals in the next generation that were found missing in the present one. Some make culture unintentionally by way of an invention or product they create. Culture-makers are an eclectic group that includes clergy, stay-at-home mothers, not-for-profit workers, architects, activists, inventors, teenage students, and elderly retired folk. Anyone who takes an interest in the community’s life and/or does something to influence it is culture-making.

On this show, we focus on culture-makers that help communities flourish by speaking good news in their words and deeds. Each week we introduce you to a new maker doing something to change their homes for the better.